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Advanced Physical Therapy Centers helps with chronic headaches, back pain, and vertigo. We provide help for your chronic pain when you can’t find help elsewhere.

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We are committed to providing you with the best in physical therapy care.


We have specialists who focus on Chronic Headaches, Back Pain and Vertigo.


We help people who can’t find help for their pain anywhere else. Read our success stories!

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Welcome to Advanced Physical Therapy Centers

What makes us the best providers for physical therapy?

1. Quality of Care: We focus on the patient-service aspect and expect that with every treatment there is an improvement in your symptoms and you are feeling better. We schedule patients on a 1-on-1 basis so you will not see the therapist running from patient to patient.

2. Evidence Based Practice: We are always studying and learning the latest proven techniques/ treatments to help you return to your prior level of function in the most effective and timely manner.

3. Professionalism: You will receive the highest quality care from a therapist who cares about you and will gain an understanding of how your injury has affected your life. We expect immediate results and will explain to you why we are giving that treatment so that you understand what is involved in the healing process.

4. Patient Experience: You will find an atmosphere of comfort and competence. You will always get into therapy at your scheduled appointment time and will receive treatment where our only focus is improving your symptoms so that you feel better. You will find the pain reducing exercises given to you are convenient because you can do them at home or at work.

From children to senior citizens, professional athletes to those in chronic pain, we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, relieve your pain and give you your life back!

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Advanced Physical Therapy Centers Testimonials

We were referred to Teresa at Advanced PT Centers by a friend of ours. We had no idea what to expect at our first appointment. Teresa and her staff put us at ease by explaining to us exactly what to expect from them. Before we started therapy with Teresa, our son was very clumsy with his daily activities. He played basketball at the Hilliard Y where we noticed he was having a hard time keeping up with most of the kids younger and smaller than him. At his size, he should have been able to perform at a much higher level but was unable to because he was slower and rigid/stiff in his movements. Once therapy sessions with Teresa began, we started seeing a noticeable difference in his mobility. He was more fluid, ran faster and was able to jump higher. Our son’s posture has also improved over the course of the PT sessions. The work Teresa has done with him has been “Night and Day” compared to before. We are extremely grateful for Teresa and her staff at APTC! I will definitely recommend her center to all my friends and family. Once again, thank you!!!!
Kalpan P.