Success Stories

My PT is going well and I’m getting a lot of relief from my chronic symptoms. I truly feel so grateful and blessed the Dr. Jordan suggested I seek treatment at Advanced PT. I’ve spent the past four years searching out professionals who could diagnose the root of my symptoms. With the help of Dr. Jordan and APTC, I am confident that I will be able to get my life back again”.

Thank you APTC for coming to me rescue!!!

Laurie E.

At Advanced PT Centers, both Amber and Teresa not only listened to what I needed help with, but they asked me the right questions about my constant headaches.  Over the course of 2 months, they gave me many exercises and worked with me individually to better my condition.  They are not only great physical therapists, they are also easy to talk to and will help you get through anything.

Megan E.

I was having bad headaches and the doctors could not find anything in the CT scans. After physical therapy with Teresa at APTC and the home exercises they gave me, the headaches have let up and now I hardly have them at all. I feel really good. I think the exercises and the physical therapy worked wonders on me.

I feel like myself again!

Rhea T.

Three months ago, I was in constant pain. It interfered with every facet of my life.

Thanks to the wonderful care and training I received from Teresa, Autumn and Amber, I am rejuvenated, healed and PAIN-FREE!

Elisa W.

We were referred to Teresa at Advanced PT Centers by a friend of ours. We had no idea what to expect at our first appointment. Teresa and her staff put us at ease by explaining to us exactly what to expect from them.

Before we started therapy with Teresa, our son was very clumsy with his daily activities. He played basketball at the Hilliard Y where we noticed he was having a hard time keeping up with most of the kids younger and smaller than him. At his size, he should have been able to perform at a much higher level but was unable to because he was slower and rigid/stiff in his movements.

Once therapy sessions with Teresa began, we started seeing a noticeable difference in his mobility. He was more fluid, ran faster and was able to jump higher. Our son’s posture has also improved over the course of the PT sessions. The work Teresa has done with him has been “Night and Day” compared to before.

We are extremely grateful for Teresa and her staff at APTC! I will definitely recommend her center to all my friends and family. Once again, thank you!!!!

Kalpan P.

I received therapy November and December of 2015 for help with my balance. I worked with Teresa, Autumn and Amber who each did a great job. Most of my visits were with Amber who worked very hard at making sure I was doing everything correctly and was very patient with me. I cannot believe the difference it has made and I will continue the exercises at home. I am pleased to say I have had no falls and feel much stronger. Thank you for making such a difference in my life and I appreciate your help!

I will gladly recommend your services to anyone.

Best wishes for 2016.

Judy K.

Today was my final day of therapy with Amber at Advanced PT in Hilliard, Ohio. I had a partial knee replacement approximately 2 months ago.

She sent me home with additional exercises to continue at home, along with discussions about the best way for me to proceed at the gym and in the pool. She also strongly encouraged me to continue the exercises since they were so important for my long-term recovery. Amber and Teresa were extremely helpful and told me they would gladly be available if I had any questions. I always felt comfortable that they were knowledgeable, along with being very personable. The clinic is clean, well-maintained and run in a professional manner.

Hopefully, I won’t need more PT, but if I do, I will definitely return to APTC.

Mary P.

WOW! You folks are wonderful!!

I’ve been to at least 3 different physical therapists over the past 10 years. None of them compare to you! Unlike other places that just put you on a machine or show you some exercises to do at home, at APTC I received hands-on physical therapy.

Teresa and her staff were friendly, fun, helpful, understanding, accommodating, educational, professional, informative, caring and showed genuine concern for me.

I could have gone to any PT, but I drove 42 miles per visit to be treated at APTC. For me, that’s saying a lot about Teresa and her staff. Thank you so much for all you have done – PAIN LEVEL ZERO!!!!!

Patricia S.

Last June (2012), my knee pain was so severe that I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate in the mini-triathlon in August. As I began to work with Vijay, my initial goal was to finish the triathlon without pain. After lots of work, at home and with Vijay, I was able to accomplish my goal. He not only encouraged and challenged me but also suggested strategies and exercises that will continue to help me with posture, balance, foot/ankle stability, my position in space and visual motor tasks.

I have incorporated the PT exercises into my daily routine with my mind’s eye toward a half marathon in 2013 or early 2014. The best part is that should I need assistance again, Advanced Physical Therapy is just a phone call away!

Jody W.

Hello, my name is Roxana and I have been dealing with back and leg pain for 5 years. I have gone to 4 different physical therapists since herniating my discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1 and have gone to a chiropractor for the same amount of time. Nothing seemed to improve it, instead it got worse. So I decided after years of trying non-surgical treatment to look into surgery.

I interviewed 8 surgeons and decided that I should interview my post-surgery physical therapist too. I had never considered interviewing different physical therapists before; I just went with whoever the doctor sent me too.

I am so glad I did. The first three different physical therapists were the same; I was hearing the same plan I had been doing before I decided to have surgery. Then I interviewed Teresa Pepera and what a wonderful surprise. She was referred to me by my family doctor, who had a friend that was seeing Teresa and was very happy with her.

Teresa’s approach was to not only help me condition my muscles, but also to work on how to move in better ways and “resetting” my brain. The first thing I learned was that I was strengthening the wrong muscles, so we worked on the right ones. We also worked on how to avoid certain movements and which ones are better to use to avoid re-injuring myself. This was one thing the other physical therapist didn’t do.

The last and most important thing Teresa worked on was my thinking; to reset my brain to not think that I am still injured. This was really important to me, because I was so afraid to move at this point. She gave me the tools to confidently move around and pretty much gave me my life back.

I would HIGHLY recommend Teresa to anybody that needed a physical therapist. She was so wonderful and helped to me in so many ways. I am so glad I found her and her wonderful staff.

Roxana M.

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