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“Came into this practice with moderate to severe mid back pain that caused aches through almost every day.  I’d visited chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. – no one was able to identify my true cause of the issue.  ON THE FIRST VISIT, Teresa helped diagnose the “core” issue to my problem. I wasn’t activating my core while I worked out, played golf, or even sat at my desk.  Throughout several other sessions, her professional and friendly assistant, Kelsey, helped make me aware of core stability and what muscles to use with multiple specific exercises.  VERY HELPFUL, VERY INFORMATIVE, WOULD RECOMMEND!  Thank you all.”

Joe L. - Sept. 2020

Teresa, Autumn and Kelsey are the best at what they do as they have been the only ones in 12 years to relieve my lower back pain!!  I have seen many chiropractors and other physical therapists over the last 12 years and would highly recommend them for any back or neck pain relief.

Mark S. - July 2020

I came in with a significant amount of pain through my back and my knee.  Kelsey was amazing to work with and she really helped me to recover and gave me the tools I need to keep myself healthy and out of pain.  Thank you so much!!

Louisa D. - June 2020

Best physical therapy experience ever in preparation for my upcoming surgery.  Very knowledgeable.  Will definitely go back post surgery if needed.  Thanks Team!!!

Rich G. - June 2020

I highly recommend Advanced PT Centers.  Teresa, Autumn and Greta are outstanding!  I had gone through two separate PT series at another practice, two MRIs, x-rays and epidural injections and nothing helped my pain.  This incredible team accurately diagnosed the cause of my pain and through a series of resets and exercises, has given me a pain free life!!!!  Everyone here is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.  If I ever need PT services in the future, Advanced PT Centers will be my only choice.  They are the best!  Thank you!!

Besty L. - Oct 2017

Advanced PT Centers gave me my life back!  I was a former college athlete who suffered from several concussions during my athletic career.  I developed post concussion headaches that consumed my entire life.  Normal daily tasks became painful struggles, which would never go away.  The only time I did not have a headache was when I was asleep.  I feared that I would have headaches for the rest of my life.  Dealing with severe pain 24/7 changed who I was entirely.  The neurologist recommended I go to PT because NOTHING would get rid of the headaches.  Advanced PT Centers is the reason I am painfree and happy today!  They are professional, skilled, and truly care about helping you reach the goal of a painfree life.  Not sure where I would be without this group.  No one should live in pain!  Advanced PT Centers will give you your life back and it will be free of pain!

Trent G. - 9/2/17

I suffered from migraines headaches 5-7 days/week for several years.  Teresa and her staff are miracle workers.  I honestly can’t thank them enough.  I rarely have a headache now.  If I feel one coming on, they have given me tools to stop it in it’s tracks!  Their warmth, kindness and knowledge is amazing.  The techniques work 100% of the time. Teresa should write books, teach classes, etc.  I recommend her and her practice to everyone.  I HAVE MY LIFE BACK THANKS TO HER!  I thank her and her wonderful staff so much!! 


Kara S. - June 2017


  • click above on Hal_2017…it is from one of our younger patients and he wanted to thank Teresa for helping him with his headaches. It is really special!

Hal B. - April 2017

What a wonderful Physical Therapy practice!  I drove an extra 30 minutes to go there, and I was very happy with my experience.  I went in for back pain.  I am fully healed and really enjoyed the staff.  Teresa did a great job diagnosing my back pain.  Autumn was very knowledgeable and professional in working with me.  Ken was very warm and friendly at the front desk.  All around, a wonderful experience!!!

James R. - Feb 2017

After surgery for a total knee replacement, I chose to do my physical therapy at Advanced PT Centers on Cemetery Rd in Hilliard, Ohio.  I had been to other physical therapists before and never felt the friendliness and compassion that I felt at Advanced PT Centers.  Teresa, Autumn and Amber were all so wonderful and after 4 months of therapy, I am well on the road to recovery thanks to all of the staff at Advanced!  When I decide to do my other knee replacement, I will definitely be going back to Advanced PT. Thanks Guys!

Sally B. - Jan 2016

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